Wisconsin legislature

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Monday is Inauguration Day in Wisconsin. Gov. Scott Walker will be sworn-in to a second term, while 99 members of the state Assembly and 33 Senators will also take the oath of office.


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State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald hopes to advance a bill early in 2015 to make Wisconsin a right-to-work state. 

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Now that the dust has settled after Tuesday’s election, Wisconsin Republicans are laying out their plans. 


November’s election will determine whether Republicans retain control of the Wisconsin Legislature. The GOP Assembly leader says he wants to hit the ground running.

Both states have adopted laws that prohibit doctors from performing abortions unless the provider has admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.


A slew of people have announced plans to retire from the state Legislature.


The latest two representatives to announce they will vacate their seats are Democrat Sandy Pasch of Shorewood and Republican Dean Kaufert of Neenah.

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As the Legislature heads into the final days of its two-year session, both houses appear poised to pass Gov. Scott Walker’s plans to cut property and income taxes, along with bills to tighten voting rules.

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A few years ago, Wisconsin voters banned same sex marriage. Now an effort to undo that decision is taking shape.

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Redistricting has become a hot topic across the country. Two Wisconsin legislators will talk about the issue Monday at the state Capitol.


Last year, state Republican leaders cut nearly a half million dollars from the Milwaukee Police Department's ShotSpotter program. Now, they would like to restore some of it.

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Two Republican lawmakers are circulating a bill that would allow manufacturing and retail employees to work seven days per week.

Current state law requires employers to give factory and retail workers at last 24 hours of rest every seven days.

Sen. Glenn Grothman of West Bend and state Rep. Mark Born of Beaver Dam are sponsoring the measure.

They say federal law doesn't impose limits on consecutive work days, as long as overtime and minimum wage requirements are met.

Opponents say the bill essentially eliminates the weekend.


The Legislature has only a few more weeks to help Gov. Scott Walker meet his campaign promise to create 250,000 jobs.


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