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Benjamin Haas / Wolf Patrol

Wisconsin hunters need more protection. That’s the adamant opinion of some Republicans who control the state Assembly. They’re pushing a bill designed to prohibit individuals from impeding or obstructing a hunter from his or her sport.

The Assembly Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage Committee held a public hearing Wednesday at the state capitol to discuss the legislation.

P McConnell

Wisconsin’s divisive wolf story is taking on a new twist. A Congressman from Wisconsin is spearheading legislation to delist wolves in the Great Lakes region.  


The ruling by a federal judge also bans the hunting and trapping of gray wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.


Earlier this month, six researchers from around the country issued a letter of concern about the management of Wisconsin’s wolf population. 

A group calling itself the Great Lakes Wolf Patrol will head into the woods along with hunters Wednesday, as Wisconsin's third wolf hunt begins.

Geoff Chandler

Wisconsin's third annual wolf hunt begins Wednesday.

In less than four months, Wisconsin’s third wolf hunt will commence. The quota will be 156; nearly 100 less than last year’s.

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Wisconsin’s second wolf hunt reaches a turning point December 2. Licensed hunters can now use up to six dogs to help track wolves. Wisconsin is the only state to allow the practice. Some celebrate the rules and others take to court.

Wolf Hunting Closes in More Zones

Nov 5, 2013

Wisconsin's second annual wolf hunt has now closed in four of six zones in the state.

State officials say Wolf Harvest Zone 2 in northeastern Wisconsin will close to hunting and trapping at 3:00 Wednesday afternoon.

Tuesday the second wolf hunt season in Wisconsin commences. In the meantime, scientists continue to probe the complexities of balancing conservation and human’s varied interest and tolerance of the animal.

Researcher: State Wolf Hunt Is Unsustainable

Aug 21, 2013
Photo by Corel Corporation

A UW researcher is growing increasingly concerned about the plight of the gray wolf on Wisconsin’s landscape.

Hopeful Hunters Await Word on Wolf Permits

Aug 14, 2013

The Wisconsin DNR will conduct a drawing on Thursday to select who will qualify for a wolf hunting or trapping license.

DNR pilot Phil Miller

Hunters will be able to harvest 275 wolves when Wisconsin’s second season begins on October 15. That’s a 37 percent increase over last year.

Michele Woodford

The clock is ticking ever closer to Wisconsin’s “still hotly debated” second wolf harvest.