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There’s a chance your favorite state park could someday be “brought to you by” a private company.

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For 40 years, Wisconsin has required a waiting period - it's been 48-hours, so the state can run a background check.

Democrat Russ Feingold plans to travel widely across Wisconsin, raising speculation that he will again seek public office.

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The bill that would ban compulsory union membership or dues payment for private sector workers continued its speedy trip through the Capitol Monday.


It seems inevitable that Wisconsin will approve a right-to-work law. It would prohibit companies and unions from forcing workers to pay dues.

The Assembly is expected to approve the bill later this week and send it to Gov. Scott Walker. He has promised to sign it into law.

Another day-long public hearing takes place Monday in Madison on the right-to-work bill. State law does not require such hearings; they're tradition.

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Over the last four years, Wisconsin has been in the national news a lot and for good reason.

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Over the next five years, thousands of volunteers and professionals will track down birds that breed and raise their young in Wisconsin. The data will be distilled into the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II.

The company had wanted to mine iron ore in the Penokee Hills region, but the office closing seems to cast doubt on the plans.

Ever since Gov. Walker wowed a gathering of Iowa conservatives a few weeks ago, the country has been learning a lot more about him.