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At last count, Wisconsin was home to more than 230 different species of birds. Now, 1,000 surveyors are pooling data for across the state to see if those numbers are holding.

In the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II survey, bird experts aren’t counting the ones who simply stop over during migration, rather those that rely on Wisconsin's habitats to multiply.

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Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump announced members of his economic advisory team on Thursday, and they include Wisconsin businesswomen Diane Hendricks and Elizabeth Uihlein. Hendricks is the co-founder and chair of ABC Supply Co., a roofing supply firm, while Uihlein is president of Uline Corp., based in Pleasant Prairie.

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Many Milwaukee County residents who attended a hearing Wednesday night at the Washington Park Senior Center don't like the thought of having to pay to park along the lakefront or a wheel tax, in order to help plug a $56 million budget shortfall.

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Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump by a 10-point margin among registered voters in Wisconsin and by 15 points among likely voters, according to the latest Marquette Law School Poll released Wednesday.

A month ago, Clinton held  a 6-point lead among registered voters here and a 4-point advantage among likely voters.

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Last month, federal Judge Lynn Adelman ordered Wisconsin elections officials to create an affidavit that would allow people without government-issued photo identification to vote in the November 8 election.

On the affidavit, they would cite the reason they did not obtain a photo ID and sign their name.

A Democratic challenge against Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore failed. Former State Senator Gary George received less than 20-percent of the vote, in Tuesday’s primary. An intimate group of staff and supporters gathered at the Savoy Nite Club on Milwaukee’s north side to cheer Moore afterward. But when the eleven-year incumbent noted that more than ten percent of constituents voted for her opponent, she resolved to earn their support.

"I need to get with them. I need to talk with them and reach out to them," Moore said.

Democratic state Sen. Lena Taylor easily turned back a challenge from another lawmaker, state Rep. Mandela Barnes. Taylor has held the north side Milwaukee seat for 12 years and garnered 61 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s primary.

The results came in quickly – at the Big Easy restaurant north of downtown. Then the crowd cheered as state Sen. Lena Taylor took the podium to claim victory.

“The people said honesty matters. The people said someone who is visible and serves the people, that matters,” Taylor says.

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State Representative Mandela Barnes lost his bid to represent Milwaukee’s sixth senate district in the Legislature. The loss means Barnes is now looking for a new job.

Assemblyman Mandela Barnes was up for reelection, but he decided to forego running and instead challenge fellow Democrat Lena Taylor for her senate seat. Tuesday’s primary wasn’t close – he lost. Still, Barnes told the crowd at his party that the fight for public safety, education and a stronger economy are not over. 

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Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm defeated Democratic challenger Verona Swanigan in Tuesday's primary, securing a third term in office. At his victory party, Chisholm credited county voters with seeing through the negative campaign that interests had launched against him.

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Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan easily defeated a challenge from Republican businessman Paul Nehlen in Tuesday's District 1 primary.

Ryan says his wide margin of victory does not mean Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is doomed in November. Trump failed to endorse Ryan until last Friday while offering praise for Nehlen.

At this primary gathering Tuesday night, Ryan said his large victory reflects the fact that his constituents know him very well, and it does not indicate how Trump will fare in Wisconsin.


Projected winners of Tuesday, August 9, 2016 primaries are in bold.


Winner faces incumbent Ron Johnson (R) and Phillip Anderson (L).

Russ Feingold
Scott Harbach


District 1: Winners face Jason Lebeck (L)

Paul Ryan - incumbent
Paul Nehlen

Ryan Solen
Tom Breu

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Milwaukee voters will today settle what appears to be an unusually high number of Democratic legislative primaries. They feature Senate races pitting incumbent Sen. Lena Taylor against state Rep. Mandela Barnes and state Rep. LaTonya Johnson against Milwaukee School Board Director Michael Bonds.

The head Milwaukee's Election Commission, Neil Albrecht, expects 20 percent of registered city voters to cast ballots in Tuesday's primary, very low compared to traditional turnout for the fall presidential election when upwards of 70 percent of eligible voters exercise their right.

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The price of EpiPens has surged by 450 percent since 2004. They used to cost around $100 for two, but now average more than $600 each. That drastic price hike means many parents are now struggling to find the money to pay for the medicine that could save their child’s life.

Kelly Becker has two children with severe food allergies, and any time her kids eat, there could be a reaction. Becker talks about the time her daughter accidentally ate regular ice cream at her birthday party, rather than the soy that had been set aside for her:

Over the last few days, we've shared the thoughts of people who experienced the 1960s. How do they think that era's turbulence compares to today’s? In our final installment, we meet a retired professor of history, who watched developments unfold.

Glen Jeansonne is a professor emeritus at UW-Milwaukee. He grew up in a small Louisiana town and was a child in the early 1960s. Jeansonne says he recalls witnessing the struggle for civil rights at the town's pool.

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Janesville has been spending the summer fending off a challenge from a political newcomer in Tuesday’s primary election. Ryan has held Wisconsin’s 1st district congressional seat since 1999 and has never had a problem getting re-elected. But this year, outside money is pouring in for Ryan’s opponent Paul Nehlen, a business executive from Delavan. While Nehlen is viewed as a long shot, Ryan isn’t taking anything for granted.