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For many kids, summer means sleeping in late, hanging out with friends and having a whole lot of fun. For some, it’s also means strategizing their next move. 

A new program teaches kids a game that could help them in every aspect of life -- chess.

Eleven year old Grant Jones has a really big goal in life. “I want to surpass everyone in what they know how to do. I don’t like to offend people, but that’s my goal in life, surpass everyone,” he says.

Milwaukee Water Commons started up a year and a half ago. And, Melanie Ariens has played a pivotal role in the group's efforts to cultivate people’s desire to connect to and care for water.

As artist in residence, Ariens devised a way to amp up outreach. “I have the lucky job of people the creative, fun art person and I‘m also sort of a bike geek,” she explains.

Ariens set out to create a “rolling kiosk” by attaching a cart to the back of her bike. It’s big enough to hold a rain barrel – in fact it does.


The City of Milwaukee has clarified its position on whether its employees must live within city limits, at this time.

The City issued a statement Friday in response to last month’s Wisconsin Court of Appeals decision, which ruled that Milwaukee can require its workers to live in the city – despite the fact that the budget Gov. Scott Walker approved two years ago ended the mandate. The police union, which opposes the residency requirement, has asked the state Supreme Court to take up the decision.

The City's statement reads, in part:

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The first GOP debate of the 2016 presidential season is over. Ten of the 17 Republican hopefuls took to the stage last night in Cleveland in a debate that sometimes saw testy exchanges between the candidates. 

Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were recurring themes throughout the night.  And so were very pointed questions.

Gov. Walker has been outspoken on the fact that he does not believe there should be exceptions for abortion. One of the first questions he got was whether he would let a woman die to save the life of an unborn child.

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It’s being called a “department strategic alignment effort” and comes after waves of change within Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources in recent months.

The state budget doled out staff cuts, including to the DNR’s science research team.

Now, the agency has announced a major reorganization. Governor Walker wants the DNR to become a customer-oriented team - for hunters and corporations alike.

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It’s been three years since a gunman opened fire at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, killing six worshippers. Several dozen people turned out Wednesday evening for a ceremony to remember those who died.

Each worshipper donned a head scarf and took off their shoes before walking into the temple. A temple leader chanted while worshippers sat on the floor, their heads bowed in meditation while photos of the victims flashed on screens at the front of the room.

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Some children are spending part of the summer at a farm, where they’re helping to grow fruits and vegetables. The premise of the program is that kids who know where food comes from – and how to prepare it – will become healthy adults.

Lauren Haska has a big job, because the kids know little about fruits and veggies in their natural state. She is the Hunger Task Force's educator and dietician at the Franklin farm.

Haska recalls a former student who struggled to pull a carrot from the earth.

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On Monday night, many of the GOP candidates for president answered questions at a forum in New Hampshire. It was not a debate; rather, each candidate took a turn. The first debate is set for Thursday night. 

Fox News will host; 10 candidates will take part, including Gov. Walker.

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Anticipation is building among Republican activists and voters. This week, Fox News will host the first 2016 presidential debate featuring GOP candidates.

 As of Monday, there are 17, but the network plans to include only the ten with the highest polling numbers. Gov. Walker has consistently ranked as a top tier candidate, so he is assured a spot on the stage.

The weekend tournament at Milwaukee County's Brown Deer Golf Course includes Carly Werwie, Gabby Curtis and Jessie Gerry. While they may have the benefit of family and friends attending the event, Gerry always has a piece of home with her - her dad Dave serves as her caddy, cheerleader and unofficial coach.