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Public school supporters swarmed the streets around Gov. Walker’s home in Wauwatosa Monday. The demonstrators are upset with his proposed budget, which would reduce K12 school aid by nearly $130 million next year.

Compost Crusader

Milwaukeeans looking to start a business now have another funding source.


Gov. Scott Walker wants Wisconsin to drug test people applying for public benefits. A positive test could designate a person for treatment.

The governor has tucked the plan into his proposed state budget. But, a legislative panel could discuss the proposal on Tuesday.

The Assembly’s new committee on public benefit reform will hold its first meeting. Leaders want to determine if significant numbers of people receiving public assistance are gaming the system.

Anime Milwaukee

Don’t be surprised to see people in costume this weekend, in downtown Milwaukee. The 8th annual Anime Milwaukee convention is taking place.

Saturday marks Drummond, Wisconsin's 16th annual bar stool race.


One tool a couple state lawmakers want to use in troubled Milwaukee neighborhoods is social impact bonds.

S Bence

Six years ago – almost to the date - we shared a story about Milwaukee’s Romany Singers. In the 1940s and 50s they were a popular ensemble of teenage girls and young women.

Chatham House

While speaking to an international affairs think tank in London, Gov. Walker skirted questions about foreign policy issues and evolution.

Marti Mikkelson

Wisconsin lawmakers may decide in coming weeks whether to add e-cigarettes to the state’s indoor smoking ban.

Lt. Brian Murphy and Officer Sevan Lenda responded to the mass shooting at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek in summer of 2012.