Update, Nov. 23: Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel is praising a federal court in Texas for issuing a nationwide preliminary injunction to halt the Dept. of Labor's Overtime Rule. Schimel, representing Wisconsin, had joined 20 other states in asking the court to put the rule on hold. "There’s no greater honor than representing millions of Wisconsinites in the continuous fight for the return of power to our citizens, away from an out-of-control federal bureaucracy in Washington D.C.

Lakefront Brewery

Well before dawn on Friday, hundreds of Milwaukee beer lovers will line up to buy a limited edition brew. Lakefront's Black Friday Beer doesn't go on sale until 8:00 a.m. But customers will bundle up and wait for hours, in what's become a new holiday shopping tradition.

Four years ago, Lakefront Brewery started offering a Black Friday Beer. Lakefront only sells it at the brewery, just north of downtown, and only on the day after Thanksgiving.


Although the presidential election is behind us, there’s still one more essential procedural step. Members of the Electoral College will meet in December to officially install Donald Trump as the nation’s 45th President. 

The process has come under fire this year, because Hillary Clinton received the popular vote while Donald Trump picked up the electoral votes needed to win. And, there’s been some talk of electors casting protest votes.

Update, Nov. 22: Milwaukee's Common Council voted 14-1 today to ban smokeless tobacco at Miller Park and other sports venues in town. A release from the sponsor, Ald. Michael Murphy praised supporters of the legislation for helping protect children from a potentially-dangerous habit. "Smokeless tobacco contains at least 28 known carcinogens and causes oral, pancreatic and esophageal cancer. The product also causes nicotine addiction and other serious health problems like gum disease, tooth decay and mouth lesions," Murphy said.

Milwaukee Water Works

UPDATE: Eight alderpersons moved to delay a vote and instead take up the proposed mandate at the common council's December meeting.  The ordinance would require property owners to replace lead pipes on their property, when a leak occurs on either their side or the city part of the line.

Wisconsin State Legislature

A three-judge federal panel ruled on Monday that the political boundaries state Republican legislators drew in 2011 violate the voting rights of Democrats. Wisconsin's Attorney  General says he plans to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Gov. Scott Walker
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Update, November 21: The Wisconsin Supreme Court will not investigate who leaked John Doe documents to The Guardian. Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel and private attorneys who fought the probe asked the state high court to appoint a "special master" to determine who leaked evidence that the courts had ordered held. Wisconsin's justices ruled Monday that it's up to the executive branch of government, not the judicial arm, to launch an investigation.


Update, Dec. 1:

Milwaukee County Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde is calling for Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. to resign because of recent deaths at the county jail. The sheriff is responsible for jail operations. According to a statement Omokunde released Thursday, "Media reports and accounts of witnesses indicate that at least three of the deaths appear to have occurred as a result of actions or inaction by Sheriff Clarke's corrections officers. Yet not a single officer has been disciplined, and Sheriff Clarke remains silent. This is totally unacceptable."

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new set of state report cards confirmed Thursday that the Milwaukee Public School district is improving. But the math has changed, breeding skepticism about how much improvement is actually taking place.

Districts across Wisconsin and each of their individual schools are ranked in one of five categories: 

Some Milwaukee Common Council members say crime is increasing in their neighborhoods, so they want to see more patrol officers there. Several south side aldermen sent a letter to Police Chief Edward Flynn on Thursday calling for an increased police presence in their districts. But, at least one council member took offense to the request.

Susan Bence / Milwaukee Public Radio

Leaders in Milwaukee County's parks department are asking residents to weigh in on the system via an online survey. That input will be used to help craft a master plan.

Why the planning?

Although Milwaukee County is rich with green space - 15,000 acres of parks, the century-old system comes with a price.

According to a 2009 audit, the parks face $200 million in deferred maintenance and addressing it will require the county to make some tough decisions.

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It's not clear when or how President-election Donald Trump will implement some of his campaign pledges, including mass deportations of immigrants who are here illegally. Yet Wisconsin groups are taking steps to protect undocumented residents in the event Trump begins his promised round-up.

Melvin Laird served as President Richard Nixon's first Defense Secretary and helped orchestrate the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam.

The former Wisconsin Congressman from central Wisconsin also phoned to ask his friend and fellow Congressman Gerald Ford of Michigan, whether he would be interested in becoming Nixon's Vice President, after Spiro Agnew resigned amid a financial scandal. Ford agreed and later become President, after Nixon resigned because of the Watergate crimes and cover-up. At the time, Laird had been Nixon's Counselor on Domestic Affairs.

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Milwaukee demonstrators joined the chorus of hundreds nationwide on Tuesday in opposing a pipeline project in North Dakota. The line would pass through four states, carrying oil from North Dakota to a shipping site Illinois. The developer insists the pipeline would be safe. A tribe – the Standing Rock Sioux claims the line would threaten its cultural sites and water. The planned route goes under a lake and the Missouri River.

In downtown Milwaukee protesters shared their reasons for opposing DAPL, the Dakota Access Pipe Line.

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School spending accounts for roughly one-third of Wisconsin’s budget every year, and if state education leaders succeed in convincing the state to adopt their budget proposal, districts could see even more money over the next two years – particularly if they serve a large population of economically disadvantaged students.