In December WUWM@Nite sent Skubs to check out Milwaukee’s local SoFar Concert series. The artists featured this time were D’Amato, Jordin Bass, Thriftones and Klassik - all from Milwaukee -  and played the old Stonelfy venue, which is now Company Brewing. Skubs had a chance to speak with each of the artists about family heritage, how each song was conceived, and got them to reveal their musical guilty pleasures.



Funeral Student by Day, Musician by Night

Oct 17, 2014
Eleanor Peterson, WUWM

During the day, Kyle Feerick is a funeral student. He studies embalming, funeral arranging, and the art of the corpse.

By night, he is a musician and a band leader who likes to bring life to his music.

Kyle Feerick, the band, is releasing their first full album this week called The Sky, It Moves. The songs and album took nearly a decade to write. Feerick likes the long process because he enjoys seeing how the music evolves over time, in regards to lyrics, melody, harmony, and orchestration.

Renegade Lightning Rebellion: Struck by Swiss Statues

Oct 2, 2014
Eleanor Peterson, WUWM

When Brian Stark took a trip to Europe, he stumbled upon the town of Bern, Switzerland. Within the city square are four statues that inspired Stark.

Grasping at Straws Brings Back Rustic Americana

Sep 24, 2014
Andrew Hartzall

Old-school Americana creates an image in our minds of rustic farms, hard working folks doing dirty work, conversation speckled with old-fashioned sayings, and homemade music and entertainment during the evening and weekends.

That is the image that Milwaukee band Grasping at Straws is trying to recreate in a world of progressive digital technology.

Eleanor Peterson, WUWM

When you take a step back and look at life, you will see how we are just bumbling around on Earth while trying to get from Point A to Point B.

The musical group, Dupond Dupont, named themselves after the bumbling detectives on Rin Tin Tin. They saw how life is an interesting story, filled with little vignettes, and that those vignettes needed to be told through song.

Field Report Finds Hope and Sobriety on Marigolden

Aug 27, 2014

Christopher Porterfield of Field Report stopped by WUWM@Nite to chat with Trapper Schoepp about the release of his new album, Marigolden.

Porterfield likens his songwriting craft to that of a fashion designer. “It’s not a pair of jeans that’s going to look good on everybody but you got to try it on and figure out if it does look good on you,” he says. “It’s not for the masses.”

Porterfield discussed Marigolden’s diverse sound, his newfound sobriety, and why Field Report is not a bar band.

Next Act Theatre, nextact.org


It’s going to be a funny weekend in Milwaukee. Actually, it already is a funny night….because the 9th Annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival is just underway. 

The Festival features four days of live performances, including stand-up, improv, sketch, and musical comedy acts. It bills itself as the largest comedy event in Wisconsin, and brings in acts from across the nation, and a lot of local talent, as well.

Librarian Reflects Motherhood in her Prose

Aug 7, 2014
Erin Lorandos

Motherhood is a very special chapter in the lives of women around the world. New mothers are showered with advice from family and friends. They no longer think of just themselves. Once they become a mother, their lives are changed forever.

Women often have difficult decisions to make when it comes to childrearing, trying to determine what is best for their child's future and what is best for them. Where is that perfect balance between work and family? What style of parenting will work the best?

Myles Coyne is 'Taking Things as They Come'

Jul 24, 2014
Eleanor Peterson, WUWM

Musician Myles Coyne was obsessed with comic books when he was growing up in Escanaba, Michigan, feasting on the creativity of the images. Music came a little later, when Coyne and his family moved to Green Bay while in he was high school. He became friends with fellow students who were in a band and never looked back.

Bonnie North

    Canadian rock band The Trews play their first Summerfest gig tonight at 8pm on the Uline Stage. They joined Lake Effect's Bonnie North in the WUWM studio to give us a first listen to three of their new songs, including this one, Age of Miracles. We'll air the full interview at a later date.