Project Milwaukee: Southern Connections

Cultivating A Regional Corridor

For decades, there’s been talk that Milwaukee and Chicago would grow together into one large urban area. Some planners are convinced southeastern Wisconsin’s best chances for growth include a strong connection to Chicago.

Others say the merging of the metropolitan areas is inevitable because the nation is spreading out, in terms of housing and jobs. However, groups promoting regionalism say it’s a deliberate effort, and not everyone shares the same vision for the future.

During June 2011, WUWM examined which communities in this corridor are growing and why as well as the history of the region, transportation concerns and environmental assets and challenges.


Project Milwaukee
3:33 pm
Mon June 6, 2011

Project Milwaukee: International Group to Study our Economic Region

An international group specializing in regional economic development is going to examine the corridor along southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois and recommend ways we might strengthen our region globally.

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