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How can you and your cat better co-exist? Cat behavioral expert Jackson Galaxy sheds some light on the topic.

Galaxy is the star of the Animal Planet TV series, My Cat from Hell, and one of the nation’s leading cat whisperers. He will be in town Sunday at Turner Hall Ballroom as his, and Kate Benjamin's, new book, Catify to Satisfy, comes out.

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The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted by a 15-1-1 vote to override vetoes County Executive Chris Abele made to spending items in the county budget for the coming fiscal year.

Abele wants to eliminate $750,000 allocated for a fish passage at Estabrook Dam, a structure some would like to see torn down, while others, including the Board’s chair, want to see restored.

Theodore Lipscomb said funding for dam repair has been in place since 2009. He added a last-minute amendment to the 2016 county budget to fund a fish passage.


Earlier this month, an article in Britain’s Guardian newspaper called Milwaukee a “hub for human trafficking.” Just last month, nine adolescents across Wisconsin were rescued from commercial sexual exploitation in a sting by the FBI.

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At a time when the world has been dealing with some rough news, the music of Joan Shelley is a welcome respite.

Since the turn of the century, Casey FitzRandolph and his family have seen the best and the worst life has to offer.  The Verona, Wisconsin, native won a gold medal in speedskating in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Just a few years later, his younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, and eventually lost her fight to the disease.  Though the two stories have different endings, they have some interesting similarities.  They’re both representative of an attitude of doing whatever it takes to succeed.

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Previously on Lake Effect, County Executive Chris Abele commented on the county’s budget for the coming fiscal year.  The County Board passed an amended version that restores cuts to the budget for the Sheriff’s office, and includes an increase in the county’s tax levy.

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The big news at the Milwaukee Art Museum is that its long-anticipated new addition is about to open, along with the rest of the museum, which was renovated at the same time.  But there is still art to see between now and the grand re-opening on November 24th.

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The rise of actor Rainn Wilson to prominence should provide some comfort to awkward adolescents everywhere.  Wilson was a bassoonist, Dungeon-and-Dragons playing nerdy kid in Seattle before being nerdy was cool.

A move to the Chicago area in high school allowed him to break out of his earlier mold and pursue theater ( though he kept up with the bassoon).  While it didn’t happen overnight, Wilson connected with acting, and with comedy, and the most visible result was his character, the intense Dwight Schrute, on the long-running NBC comedy, “The Office.”

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The Harley-Davidson Museum is devoted to one of the icons of the open road.  But the museum was taken over for a sold-out celebration of the form of transportation that has been irrevocably altered by the open road.

Waukesha-based Trains magazine marks its 75th anniversary this month.  But when Kalmbach publishing launched it, trains occupied a much different place in American culture.  The magazine has chronicled the seismic shifts in the past three-quarters of a century.

Essay: I Just Think About Not Thinking About Baseball

Nov 13, 2015
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Lake Effect essayist Jonathan West is not our regular sports contributor, and here’s why:

Truth be told, I can't every imagine being interested in uttering the words, "I think about baseball," to explain a clever tactic to tamp down some lusty passion. And with another World Series tidily wrapped up and put away for the season, you could say that I hit for the cycle once again.