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Susan Bence

Plenty of people like nothing more than experiencing nature. Shorewood native and author Pete Fromm realized he was one of those people.

Fromm's, who lives in Montana, love for nature has resulted in five Pacific Northwest Booksellers Awards.

He says his parents planted that seed - perhaps unknowingly - through family camping trips.

This time of year finds many theaters and performing arts groups producing holiday fare, from “A Christmas Carol” to “Black Nativity” to “The Nutcracker”, to more tongue-in-cheek performances like “Holiday Hell: The Curse of Perry Williams.”

Asher Israelow Studio

The Creativity Series at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design presents New York based furniture designer and builder Asher Israelow in conversation tonight. 

Israelow, who began his career by studying architecture and who still works in that field as well, was one of Forbes Art and Style’s 30 under 30 designers in 2012.

Photo by Madhi Gransberry

Milwaukee’s Britney Freeman-Farr, who performs under the name B-Free, startled a lot of her fans when she announced she was pregnant not long ago. It turned out to be the R&B singer’s unique way of announcing she had a new album coming out.

Michael Brosilow

The current political climate in this country suggests a less-than-warm reception for foreigners on American soil. Certainly, the foreigner in the eponymously named play opening at the Milwaukee Rep would agree.

But Larry Shue’s 1983 play, written for The Rep, manages to be both funny and poignant as it tells the story of an outsider in a small Georgia town.

Darlene Maternowski

The Milwaukee area is full of holiday traditions, from the downtown holiday lights display to the performances of The Nutcracker by the Milwaukee Ballet and A Christmas Carol at the Milwaukee Rep. Another holiday season tradition resides on the kitchen shelves of thousands in the Milwaukee area: We Energies' annual cookie book

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Milwaukeeans looking for solutions to a tense climate between communities and the police force could look to the city of Cincinnati as an example. The area's population is comparable to Milwaukee, and has dealt with many of the same issues of mistrust between law enforcement and minority communities. 

But years of work in Cincinnati has led to a different climate. Their model for change is one that a group called the Community Coalition for Quality Policing would like to see implemented in Milwaukee.

Mitch Teich

The architect Frank Lloyd Wright is known worldwide for his distinctive buildings, often designed for well-heeled or prominent clients.  In Wisconsin alone, Wright's stamp can be found in the S.C. Johnson Wax and Wingspread facilities in Racine, Monona Terrace in Madison, and the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Wauwatosa.

How Might The Trump Administration Impact The Great Lakes?

Nov 15, 2016
SalomonCeb / Wikimedia

The president-elect has vowed to defund the Environmental Protection Agency, and some advocates are concerned about his commitment to the environment.

Opinions are varied about what a Trump presidency will mean for the future of the great lakes.

Aryeh Alex, director of the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund, says, "We are very disappointed. I think it's a setback for the work that we, not only as a state, country, and world need to face."

Alex says he concerned the next administration will undo some of their environmental progress.

Courtesy of Mark Miller

Veteran's Day is a time when we honor veterans, but it's also a time when veterans reflect on their time in the service. They’re not always pleasant memories.

Mark Miller is an associate professor of business at Carthage College. But there was a year he once said he’d never talk about – a year spent as a sergeant on the front lines in Vietnam.

Courtesy of Martin Hintz

Near the end of World War II, Army Air Corps Lt. Loren Hintz was based in Italy, when his plane was shot down. He was considered missing in action, until parts of the wreckage were found a while later and he was declared to have been killed. But the crash site was never found - before this year.

Milwaukee writer Martin Hintz was not yet born when his father died. This summer, a team of people helped him uncover his father’s crash site in Italy. 

Like many mystery novel protagonists before her, if you come in contact with the character Chloe Ellefson, there's a good chance that someone is going to end up dead. 

Valerie Booth

A concert by jazz pianist, singer, and composer Patricia Barber is a rare thing these days in Milwaukee. Although Barber lives pretty near by, the Chicago-based musician carefully picks and chooses her tour stops, and will make a special appearance at the Back Room at Colectivo this Saturday

Reginald Baylor

Milwaukee artist Reggie Baylor has made a name for himself as both a painter and the creator of public art projects. He’s deeply committed to his home town of Milwaukee.

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How many fish fries do you go to on an average year? Have you been to every local custard stand to compare and decide who truly has the best chocolate flavor? Maybe your summer isn’t complete without going to a lakefront festival, or tailgating at Miller Park with a properly cooked brat.