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The longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, is just about here. In celebration, music and dance will be playing out among the landscape of the Lynden Sculpture Garden this weekend. The performance is a special collaborative performance of the 17th Century Purcell classic The Fairy Queen.

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Among faith groups, a ground swell of environmental concern has been building. This includes within the Muslim community, which begins Ramadan – their sacred month of fasting – today.

In Milwaukee, a group called the Islamic Environmental Group of Wisconsin has been at work for a decade. It will be honored next week by a national interfaith environmental group, GreenFaith, for its programs.

Pixar Animation Studios

Disney - Pixar movies are enough of a big deal on their own. Years of work are put into a two hour animated blockbuster that leaves children and adults talking about the film decades later.

road construction
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State Republican leaders issued dueling press releases on Thursday, about their positions related to transportation funding in the next state budget.

Sen. Alberta Darling says will not retract her comment that Assembly leaders want to delay work on the Zoo Interchange, in order to pressure the state Senate to approve a hike in the gas tax or vehicle registration fees.

Essay: Transracial

Jun 18, 2015
NBC News

Since the head of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington, stepped down in the wake of a revelation that she is not African-American (as she claimed), a national debate has ensued on what it means to be of one racial background, but identify as another.  Lake Effect essayist Dasha Kelly has some thoughts on the subject for her first "What I Learned Today" essay series:

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It is picnic season in Wisconsin, and if your picnic plans include a bottle or two of wine, contributor Ray Fister might have some wines that could strike your fancy.

After visiting several Wisconsin wineries, Fister shares his experience as well as wine recommendations to try this summer:

Today, Pope Francis took the unprecedented step of issuing a formal opinion on the environment

His encyclical, titled On Care of Our Common Home, states humankind has a moral obligation to radically change its behavior, in order to protect the planet for future generations.

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For the last half dozen years, a group of dedicated conservation advocates have showcased preserved parcels scattered around Ozaukee County.

This Saturday, June 20, scientists and naturalists will be on hand to guide visitors at seven designated "Treasures of Oz."

Ulao Creek is a 9-mile-long tributary of the Milwaukee River.  It headwaters in the city of Port Washington and the town of Grafton and flows south into Mequon.

The corruption in Illinois politics is often seen as such a farce that if you pitched an Illinois political scandal as the plot for a book, no one would buy it.

But Illinois politics have inspired plenty of books and movies – and probably no one has done it more convincingly in recent times than mystery writer Michael Harvey.

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Milwaukee’s Harbor District is only a short walk from the trendy Third Ward, but it might as well be in a different state. But momentum is building to reinvigorate the district.

A few months ago, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded the city $200,000 to push revitalization forward. And recently, a nonprofit, called Harbor District, Inc., officially formed to help coordinate the process.