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Elizabeth Holmes, the 34-year-old founder and CEO of the health technology company Theranos, had a compelling story of dropping out of college to launch a multibillion-dollar Silicon Valley venture to revolutionize the blood-testing industry.

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The Senate has approved a bill that eases regulations on banks. The legislation had broad bipartisan support, but it doesn't go nearly as far as Republicans in the House had wanted. From member station WSHU, Charles Lane reports.

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After decades of being the go-to toy store for many Americans, Toys R Us is officially going out of business. Unable to get its finances in order through a months-long bankruptcy process, the retail chain has reached the end of the line.

FICO’s grip on mortgage credit scores challenged

Mar 14, 2018

Mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac consider one credit score when determining the creditworthiness of mortgage applicants: FICO.  Some members of Congress want to change that by adding a provision to a bank deregulation bill that would require Fannie and Freddie to also look at applicants’ VantageScore. The company that calculates VantageScores is owned by the big three credit reporting firms: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. We look at the reason for the proposed change, and its implications.

Could the 2008 financial crisis happen again?

Mar 14, 2018

Bear Stearns was a Wall Street titan. And when it started to look like it was failing in March of 2008 under the weight of bad bets on mortgages, people started to panic. Bear’s stock was trashed, then the shares of other banks including Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers fell as panic spread. The Federal Reserve stepped in and eventually engineered a takeover by JPMorgan.

It's a normal weekday at the Port of Vancouver. That means by noon, piles of steel slab cover the work yard at the docks on the Columbia River.

"Steel is tied to about a third of our revenue. So that's pretty substantial," says Abbi Russell, communications manager for the Port of Vancouver in Washington state, the second-largest importer of steel products on the West Coast. In 2017, the port unloaded 712,834 metric tons of steel.

The parents of slain Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich have filed a lawsuit against the Fox News Channel for coverage linking their son to the leak of thousands of party emails to WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign. The lawsuit also names Fox reporters Malia Zimmerman and a periodic Fox commentator.

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French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire says he's suing Apple and Google. He claims that the tech giants aren't playing fair with French developers and startups. Bruno Le Maire joins us now from Paris to talk about this. Thanks for joining us.

President Trump recently slapped tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from certain countries, but not because those countries don't play fair on trade.

Instead, the Trump administration cited national security concerns. The move has got him what he wants, but it puzzled America's trading partners. If they retaliate with the same tactic, the damage to the global trading system — and to the rules that underpin the system — could be huge.


03/14/2018: Bear Stearns fell 10 years ago today

Mar 14, 2018

On this day in 2008, an 85-year-old investment bank became the very public face of the financial crisis. Only a $29 billion loan guarantee from the Federal Reserve and JP Morgan's buyout kept Bear from actual bankruptcy, but the company was ruined. We're marking this anniversary as part of our series Divided Decade, and on today's show we'll look at the financial infrastructure that made the crisis so contagious, and what's changed. Then: What you need to know about Theranos, amid the news that the blood-testing startup's CEO has been charged with "massive fraud." Plus: Gary who?

What you need to know about Larry Kudlow

Mar 14, 2018

It was only last week that White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn announced he was leaving the White House after losing the battle on steel and aluminum tariffs. Today, we've gotten news of his replacement: Economist and CNBC contributor Larry Kudlow.  Here's what you need to know about him:

He's not just a TV/radio personality.

Google will ban advertisements for certain financial products, including cryptocurrencies, the Internet giant announced Wednesday. The move comes amid increased scrutiny of the fast-growing market for digital currencies like bitcoin.

NEW YORK (AP) - Elizabeth Holmes, a Stanford University dropout once billed as the "next Steve Jobs" has forfeited control Theranos, the blood testing startup she founded, and will pay $500,000 to settle charges that she oversaw a "massive fraud."

Under an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday, Holmes is barred from serving as an officer or director of a public company for 10 years. The SEC said it will pursue its case against the president of the company, Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani, in federal district court in the Northern District of California.