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Colombia, FARC Reach Deal To End Armed Conflict

14 hours ago
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When Save the Children Australia signed up to help migrants that Australia was detaining on the remote island of Nauru, workers for the aid group had to sign confidentiality agreements.

One of the group's former workers, Victoria Vibhakar, told NPR on Wednesday that as a result, abuse, including the abuse of children, was largely ignored.

Rachel Waldholz

The largest commercial cruise ship ever to attempt the Northwest Passage starts sailing through its frigid waters this week.  

The sea route over the top of Canada has historically been impassable, but ice melting in the Arctic has in recent years cleared a path for shipping vessels. Now, a 1,600-person, 13-deck cruise ship is plying those waters, too.

The Crystal Serenity left Seward, Alaska last week on a 32-day cruise that will take it around Alaska, through the Canadian Arctic, past Greenland and finally to New York.   

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When it comes to making Turkish sweets, the Altan family sticks to tradition.

Since 1865, Altan Sekerleme candy shop has served handmade Turkish delights and akide hard candies from the same store nestled in the cobblestone streets of Istanbul’s Kucukpazar neighborhood. Steeped in the centuries-old commercial life of the former Ottoman capital, the family trade has been passed down from father to son for four generations.

The Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe sits on one side of a noisy street in a lower-middle-class neighborhood of Mumbai, India, not far from the city's swanky new international airport.

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Trucks began hauling storm wreckage from the formerly flooded streets of Baton Rouge this week. They aren’t ordinary garbage trucks. They’re not even big dump trucks used to cart away construction waste.

They’re purpose-built “storm trucks” — sleek, black, 40 feet long, each carrying two huge bins that together can hold 15 tons of possessions and mementos — and each truck with its own mechanical claw that can lift more than a ton of memories at a time.

Scientists estimate that a forest the size of Indiana will be cut down to plant rubber trees over the next eight years. That’s creating biological deserts, driving some of our favorite exotic animals toward extinction.

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics was not just about the sports, the doping, or the drama — it also featured a riot of Brazilian culture and music.

From the start, the organizers brought out stars as well as some of Brazil’s lesser-known cultural contributions, from 12-year-old MC Soffia’s empowering hip-hop to Ludmilla, Rio’s queen of Carioca funk.

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You're sitting in a cafe in Buenos Aires' Palermo neighborhood. You can't quite hear what the pair next to you is talking about, but you can make out some things. Maybe something like, "You think I have nothing better to do than be in love with you."

Valentyn Ogirenko

There were tanks, missile carriers and hundreds of uniformed troops out in Independence Square in Kiev on Wednesday as Ukraine marked a quarter century of independence from Russia.

Back in 1991, Ukraine's parliament adopted a declaration of independence from the Soviet Union. And like that, Ukraine was no longer under Soviet rule.

Ukrainians carried their national flag and some were dressed in traditional embroidered shirts. They cheered “glory to Ukraine” and “death to enemies!”

President Petro Poroshenko spoke defiantly.

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