War or peace?

Those stark options face Colombians on Sunday as they vote in a referendum that aims to end Latin America's longest guerrilla conflict. They will either approve or reject a peace agreement that would disarm the Marxist rebel group known as the FARC. The conflict began in the 1960s and has killed more than 200,000 people.

The question on the ballot is: "Do you support the final accord to end the conflict and to construct a stable and lasting peace?"

The young men left in the middle of the night, some without saying goodbye or telling their families they were leaving with smugglers who promised them passage to Europe.

Instead of landing in Italy where they planned to seek asylum, the overcrowded fishing boat sank soon after setting off from Egypt's Mediterranean coast Sept. 21. According to the United Nations refugee agency, smugglers had crammed as many as 500 people aboard. At least 204 people drowned.

Britain's prime minister, Theresa May, says she intends to begin the formal process of leaving the European Union by March 2017.

Speaking to the BBC on Sunday, May said she would seek to begin the 2-year negotiation process required to leave the EU in "the first quarter of 2017".

The BBC's Rob Watson reports for NPR's newscast unit:

"It feels like a big moment. We now know Theresa May wants Britain to have left the EU by around April 2019.

Back in January 2010, Patrick Meier, a Ph.D. student in international relations at Tufts University, was checking email at home, with CNN on in the background, when he was jolted by a breaking news alert. An earthquake had struck Haiti, and tens of thousands were feared dead.

"I froze," he says. "Just paralyzed."

Sweden Proposes Tax Breaks For Repairs

Oct 2, 2016
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In a development that could give Spain sorely needed momentum on its path to forming a new government, Pedro Sanchez resigned as the leader of the main opposition Socialist Party. Sanchez had promised to step down if the party voted to end his ban on enabling a coalition conservative-led government.

The tally in Saturday's vote was 133-109; according to El Mundo, the vote was held by a show of hands, after critics dismissed the use of a ballot box as an attempt to rig the vote.

It may weaken somewhat as it spins in the Caribbean, — but forecasters still say that Hurricane Matthew will likely bring winds topping 100 mph when it makes landfall. Parts of Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica are on alert, as Matthew's maximum sustained winds were measured at 140 mph Saturday afternoon.

Hurricane conditions could hit Jamaica and Haiti by Monday, with tropical storm conditions possible by late Sunday, the National Hurricane Center says. It adds that hurricane conditions could also hit eastern Cuba by Monday night.

Aleppo, Syria's divided city where airstrikes hit two rebel-held hospitals earlier this week, is under renewed attack, as reports emerge that Russian and Syrian forces are using incendiary phosphorous munitions as part of an intensified shelling and bombing campaign.

Daniella Cheslow

When Shimon Peres was Israel’s president in 2012, he gathered families of organ donors at his residence in Jerusalem and pulled out a green plastic card. It was from the National Transplant Center, Adi in Hebrew. 

He told them that he had signed up to be an organ donor and that the Adi card was one of the most important documents in his life. He urged other Israelis to sign up, too.

And this past week, when he died at the age of 93, his corneas were donated.

ESA/ATG medialab/Handout via Reuters

The Rosetta probe has been orbiting in space for years, sending information back to Earth.

But on Friday its mission came to an end.

The spacecraft, operated by the European Space Agency, crash-landed — as planned — onto a comet.

"Let’s not think of it as a crash landing. Let’s think of it as a graceful touchdown," says Monica Grady, who worked on the mission.

In 2012, Shimon Peres became hip.

The then-Israeli president was 88 years old at the time, but not too old to shoot this music video asking people around the world to friend him on Facebook:

The video is playful, but Peres was dead serious. With his signature stone-faced expression, he imparted his words of advice to young people.

"Peace is needed. For your future. For your future. For your future," Peres said in the video, his words set to a dance beat.

Alex Kamweru

Dressed in colorful red, blue and white cloth, with necklaces of white beads adorning his chest, 28-year-old Ole Lelein Kanunga sings and dances with his fellow Maasai warriors. He is carrying a long dark-brown stick, symbolizing that he is their leader.

The dance, the attire, the symbolism — it's all very traditional. But Ole Lelein is also a revolutionary. He wants to end the practice of female genital mutilation, or FGM, among the Maasai in southern Kenya.

A few years ago, he attended a workshop about health issues that changed his life.