The Alexander Technique and Physical Therapy

Feb 14, 2013

Tom Luljak, Luc Vanier and Wendy Huddleston
Credit Jon Strelecki

  On this edition of UWM Today, host Tom Luljak meets two UWM faculty members who are collaborating on a research project that combines neuroimaging and the Alexander technique, a system that dances have used for more than 100 years. Developed in the 1890s, the Alexander technique helps make people aware of energy-wasting physical efforts, even little motions. In theory, improved awareness can help people train their bodies to move more efficiently and effectively. Luc Vanier, Associate Professor of Dance, and Wendy Huddleston, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, are collaborating on an interdisciplinary project exploring the Alexander technique and how dance and physical therapy can be use it to the mutual benefit of both fields.