All In Productions Stages 'Next to Normal'

Sep 6, 2017

For the next two weekends, audiences in Milwaukee can enjoy a production of the Pulitzer and Tony award winning musical Next to Normal. The show tells the story of a superficially average American family - dad, mom, daughter, and son. But in the midst of their seemingly easy-going lives lies a hidden truth - the mom’s challenges with bipolar disorder. The musical's rock-pop score and subject matter has made the show a hit since it first opened on Broadway in 2008.

While the show is being staged at Next Act Theatre's space in the 5th Ward, the musical itself is being produced by a relatively new company, All In Productions. Founded in 2014 by three young Milwaukee actors, the company hopes to make its mark on the theatre scene - especially for younger performers and directors.

"Our goal has really become to create an environment in this city for artists to take on roles that they [normally] wouldn't have," says company co-founder Alex Scheurell. "[We want] to add to what's becoming a blossoming arts scene in Milwaukee."

Next to Normal run this Thursday through Sunday and next Thursday through Sunday.