Asian Carp Threat Brings Renewed Testing in Chicago Waters Along with Public Meeting

Jul 9, 2012

The only time a LIVE Asian carp was discovered beyond an electric barrier designed to keep the fish out of the Great Lakes was in Lake Calumet in 2010.

But since then, crews have repeatedly discovered evidence of the voracious invasive species’ DNA.

Concerns that Asian carp are at Lake Michigan's doorstep are not likely to be assuaged any time soon.

While crews again scour Lake Calumet, this week, the Obama administration’s Asian Carp Director and a fleet of scientists will gather in Chicago for a public forum.

They will outline what’s being described as an “unprecedented, multi-tiered strategy” to come up with a long-term biological control for Asian carp.

The Wednesday forum will likely be a lively one.

A chorus, including environmental groups, has long been calling for the separation of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi basin as a way to keep Asian carp – and other invasives - from moving between the two systems.