Ba-Dum Psh!: Comedians Take to the Stage This Weekend at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival

Aug 8, 2014

The Milwaukee Comedy Festival has kicked off its 9th year.
Credit Next Act Theatre,


It’s going to be a funny weekend in Milwaukee. Actually, it already is a funny night….because the 9th Annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival is just underway. 

The Festival features four days of live performances, including stand-up, improv, sketch, and musical comedy acts. It bills itself as the largest comedy event in Wisconsin, and brings in acts from across the nation, and a lot of local talent, as well.

It kicked off yesterday and runs through Sunday at Next Act Theatre.

Milwaukee Comedy Festival Founder and Producer Matt Kemple and Co-Producer Patrick Schmitz visited recently with WUWM’s Rachel Owens.  Kemple talked about how the festival has evolved since its founding nine years ago.

"It was just kind of an experiment to see if we could bring a bunch of fun people together and, I think as a joke, we called it the 'First Annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival,'" said Kemple. "People loved it and so we're like 'Okay, we've got to do this again.'"