Beyond Fidel: Modern Cuban Art On Display at MIAD

Feb 8, 2014

An exhibition featuring four Cuban multimedia artists is on display at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Cuba and the United States have been at political loggerheads since the revolution ended in 1959 with the communist regime of Fidel Castro firmly in place. Since then, travel between the two countries has been difficult at best – but in 2011 President Obama relaxed some of the rules, allowing some "people-to-people" travel to Cuba. And now that all Americans can go, more and more of them are making the trip to learn about Cuba’s culture.

If a trip to Cuba is a little out of reach for you right now, though, you can still immerse yourself in some of its contemporary culture. Through February 15th, the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design is hosting First Person: Contemporary Cuban Art, an exhibition featuring four Cuban multimedia artists.

The show is curated by MIAD’s Lynn Tomaszewski and Cristin Cash, who is an associate professor of art history at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. They and two of the artists, Glenda León and Yaima Carranza, met Lake Effect's Bonnie North in MIAD’s Layton Gallery as the show was being installed.