Camping Out With Some Imagined Friends

Jun 11, 2013

School is out - or just about out - for thousands of Milwaukee-area students.  What will they do with their summers?  One local illustrator suggests a camp experience.

But if your child shudders at the thought of a traditional summer camp, there is another option coming along next week in Wauwatosa. 

Cartoonist Tim Decker's latest creation is a cartooning adventure camp for kids.
Credit courtesy Tim Decker

Cartoon Adventure Camp is 5 days introduction to the art of Cartooning, Puppet Making and Claymation, offered by former Simpsons and Disney animator Tim Decker. The camp begins next Monday.

Decker is currently teaching cartooning and animation at UW-Milwaukee and at MATC. He’s also dedicated to, in his words, working with the artists of tomorrow. 

As a side benefit, Decker says, campers might pick up a new language - cartoon itself.  "I can draw a cartoon for whatever I want, wherever I am," he says, "and be able to find my food, find the bathroom, find a cup of coffee, and find anything I'm looking for: a bus, a trolley. All I have to do is draw a cartoon about it."