Don't Worry, There are No Spoilers Here about In Tandem Theatre's 'Chesapeake'

Feb 19, 2014

Actor Matt Daniels in In Tandem Theatre's production of Lee Blessing's one-man show "Chesapeake"
Credit Ross Zentner

There’s not a lot we can tell you about In Tandem Theatre’s next production, which opens Friday, without giving too much away.

An intriguing image accompanies In Tandem Theatre's production of "Chesapeake."
Credit In Tandem Theatre

What we can tell you is that it’s called “Chesapeake,” and it’s a one-man show starring Matt Daniels, and directed by theater co-founder and artistic director Chris Flieller. 

In Tandem adds a little more:

A liberal, provocative performance artist at odds with a conservative senator hatches a plot to kidnap the senator's beloved dog hoping to quash threats of federal funding cuts. When a bizarre twist of fate brings these adversaries together, chaos ensues and karma bites back. A funny one-man "tail" about coming together for the common good!

During the course of the play, Daniels portrays a number of characters, but again, telling you too much about them would spoil the show’s surprises.

"It’s mainly, for me, about the intersection of art and politics, and you know, how that impacts daily life and how to live a life of art and how politics comes around that," Daniels says.

And while we can't tell you much, you can listen to Daniels perform the opening paragraph from the play in the audio above.

The show runs February 21 to March 16.