The Dunwells Update English Folk

Sep 17, 2013

The Dunwells
Credit Piper Ferguson

Earlier this summer, Milwaukee got a taste of modern English folk rock, courtesy of The Dunwells.

It wasn’t the band’s first time playing in Milwaukee since they began in 2009, but it was the first time we were able to get them into our studio for some music and conversation about their career since their 2012 album, Blind Sighted Faith.

The Dunwells performed Blind Sighted Faith, Only Me and Follow The Road in our studio C1 back in July.

The band members are Joseph Dunwell - vocals, acoustic guitar, David Dunwell - vocals, piano, guitars, banjo, Jonny Lamb - vocals, drums, Rob Clayton - bass, vocals and Dave Hanson - lead guitar, vocals, and pedal steel.