Everything is Coming Up Rosé

May 18, 2016

Ray Fister joins us from time to time to talk about all-things wine. Among the popular bottles this time of year are those that hold Rosé – a variety that he says is gaining  in popularity.

"Rosé is one of the things that can appeal to everybody," says Fister. "It tends to be a more of a warm weather wine, but even better than that - it's a little lighter in alcohol. And it can go into almost any pairing situation with food."

In fact, Fister enjoys a Rosé with everything from a hamburger to swordfish. With so many different types from countries all over the world, Fister says there is a Rosé blend for everyone:

Ray Fister is the creator of the Between the Vines podcast and owner of Fifth Floor Recording Company in Milwaukee’s Fifth Ward.