Ex Fabula: Family

Aug 13, 2014

Ex Fabula veteran Meghan Koven and her mother, Kery Kafka, take the stage.
Credit Kat Schleicher

Ex Fabula takes a look back at some of their favorite family stories.

Storyteller Adam Carr on stage.
Credit Art Montes

Our first story started off 2014 in January at the Times Cinema. With such a rich history, The Times seemed the perfect place to relive some extraordinary events and to hear what the theme "Bonus" meant to our audience. Storyteller Adam Carr, moved us with his story of his father who, diagnosed with a terminal illness, made the most of the time he had left and how Adam now looks back on every extra day as a bonus.

Our second story takes us back to November of 2010 when we visited neighborhood favorite, Bay View Brew Haus to talk about neighbors. Ex Fabula veteran Meghan Koven and her mother, Kery Kafka, took the stage as a storytelling duo. They regaled us with a suspense-filled story of Meghan’s first babysitting experience, and we learned a few things that the Red Cross Babysitting class won’t prepare you for, including books DO NOT make for good baby bumpers.

Been missing Ex Fabula? While we are working hard on the upcoming Season, we’ve missed you, too. So we’ve got a special end-of-summer treat for our Ex Fabula members: on Sunday, August 24th 5-7 pm members can attend Secret Fabula: Pitch Project.