Ex Fabula: Luck of the Draw

Mar 18, 2017

Ah yes, another St. Patrick’s Day has descended upon Milwaukee, turning the city and its merry "Irish for a day" revelers green. At Ex Fabula, we’re reflecting on how fast the Season has gone. For some of us, St. Patrick’s Day represents the coming spring (snow or no snow), and in just two short months we’ll wrap up another amazing season supported by our dear community. How lucky we are! So in the spirit of counting our blessings, this week we’re bringing you stories of luck. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t.

Back in 2010 around St. Patrick’s Day, in fact, we held a StorySlam on the theme of “Luck.” Drew Brhel took to the stage to share what could have been a deadly night. It begins with a college party, a new friend, and disdain for small talk.  However, as his new companion becomes more and more distant, Drew begins to worry - is it a prank? Is he just being a jerk, or is it something else?

Our second story comes from the effervescent Anja Notanja and our September 2016 “Risking It” StorySlam.

Storyteller Anja Notanja
Credit Art Montes

Anja was terribly excited, yet nervous when a gentleman asked her on a date.  At the age of 26, she was still living with her parents, didn't drive, and had 35 vey distinct food allergies.  Luckily, the first date was simply over coffee - so what could go wrong?  Listen to Anja's hilarious recounting of the events that landed her in the hospital rather that at the cafe with her date:

The Season isn’t over yet! Join us for Secret Fabula on March 27th, at the UW-Milwaukee Planetarium for a night under the stars and a storytelling event that’s out of this world! Members get in free.