Future Of Local Construction Skills Program Uncertain

One Hope Made Strong (OHMS) classes are hoping to find a new home after being asked to leave North Division High School in April.
Credit Andrea Waxman / Milwaukee Nieghborhood News Service

The skills gap gets a lot of attention in this state. There are a lot of unemployed people here, and a lot of positions that could be filled if those people had a different set of skills.

One effort that’s tried to help people at a basic level was started by a single individual, retired teacher Ezzard White. It’s called One Hope Made Strong. The initials honor the German scientist George Ohms. The program is designed to teach construction skills and other building trades to adults.

But Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reporter Andrea Waxman explains that the program has been evicted from its former home at North Division high school, and its future is uncertain.  

"Mr. White says that he is going to continue this program if he has to rent a tent, hold it in a park. He is going to continue to teach these students the skills that they need to get gainful employment," Waxman says.

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