Good News, Glamour-Likers: More 'Miss Fisher' To Come

Jun 13, 2014

Let us begin this Friday with some unabashed joy: the Australian show Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, adored by many a fan of glamorous lady detectives, smoldering fellows, sexual freedom and fantastic outfits, will return for a third series, according to the show's Facebook page.

As star Essie Davis told me earlier this year, Phryne Fisher is a superhero, very different from the vast majority of television characters of any kind, let alone women. Watch it for the clothes, watch it for her flirtations with Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, watch it for her improvised unconventional family, watch it for the refreshingly frank dialogue, watch it for the mystery-solving, or watch it for the sheer sophisticated sheen with which it shimmers: just try it. The first series is on Netflix; the first and second can be found on disc or streaming (for a fee) through Acorn, your outlet for much good Canadian/British/Australian stuff.

The wait to find out whether Phryne would return has been so tense that I, for one, have held back some of the second series from myself so it wouldn't be over; it is good to know I can now happily gobble the rest knowing that she and I will meet again.

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