Hundreds Attend Vigil in Memory of 10-Year-Old Sierra Guyton

Jul 15, 2014

The Milwaukee girl was shot in May, while playing with her sister outside Clarke Street School. Men were engaged in a gunfight across the playground.

Prayer preceded the balloon launch to celebrate Sierra Guyton's life
Credit Bob Bach

Sierra died early Sunday.

Several hundred people gathered at dusk on Monday at the playground near 28th and Clarke, to offer prayers for the 10-year-old and her family. Some who took part released dozens of pink and yellow balloons while others held lighted candles.

Balloons rose, before daytime faded to night
Credit Bob Bach

Leaders took turns speaking into a bullhorn and implored people to stop using guns to solve disputes. "With guns, it's final. There is no going back," said Kenneth Robinson, a friend of the Guyton family.

Two men have been charged in connection with the girl's death.