Introducing...It's a Material World

Oct 5, 2011

Our new contributor studies Material Culture, or what the objects in our lives say about us.

Lake Effect's newest contributor, Gianofer Fields, studies material culture, or the meaning behind the objects in our lives.
Credit Gianofer Fields

Gianofer Fields is Lake Effect's newest contributor and a student of Material Culture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A freelance producer for NPR and the BBC, she also curates the blog and virtual cafe, It's a Material World.

You can hear more about the burgeoning do-it-yourself movement, and how the UW program and the Chipstone Foundation located in Fox Point have made Wisconsin a destination for material culture studies as supplemental audio below.

We also hear Fields' feature on material culture through the lens of two people for whom collecting - and selling - objects is their way of life.