James Magruder: A Multifaceted Artist

Jul 30, 2014

James Magruder, a multifaceted artist.
Credit Miriam Berkley

Author / playwright James Magruder was recently in town to talk about his collection of linked stories.

Magruder began his professional life in the theater and, went on to become a playwright and teacher at Swarthmore College and the University of Baltimore.

The talented James Magruder is currently wearing his novelist and short story writer hat. 

"I think fiction is much harder, at least for me, because there’s certain things that theater takes care of that you the writer don’t have to," says Magruder. "So I don’t have to say, in a play, her narrow face was framed by chestnut curls. The actress, whoever you cast, does that."

He brought his selection of linked stories Let Me See It to Boswell Book Company last week.

His collection tells about the intertwined stories of Tom and Elliot, cousins who both gay and who are navigating growing up in the 1970s and 80s.