List of Wisconsin Legislators Leaving Office Grows Longer

Apr 4, 2014

The latest two representatives to announce they will vacate their seats are Democrat Sandy Pasch of Shorewood and Republican Dean Kaufert of Neenah.

New faces will fill many legislative offices in 2015
Credit Althouse

Kaufert was elected this week, as mayor of Neenah.

Pasch says she will not run for re-election this fall due to personal and family matters.

The list of representatives leaving (some stepping down, some retiring, some seeking different office) includes:

-- Bill Kramer (R)

-- Dean Kaufert (R)

-- John Klenke (R)

-- Pat Strachota (R)

-- Dan LeMahieu (R)

-- Steve Kestell (R)

-- Mike Endsley (R)

-- Garey Bies (R)

-- Howard Marklein (R)

-- Mary Williams (R)

-- Erik Severson (R)

-- Jon Richards (D)

-- Fred Clark (D)

-- Sandy Pasch (D)

-- Janis Ringhand (D)

-- Penny Bernard Schaber (D)

-  Janet Bewley (D)

-- Erik Severson (R)

-- Don Pridemore (R)

-- Chad Weininger (R)

On the state Senate side, the following are leaving:

-- Bob Jauch (D)

-- John Lehman (D)

-- Tim Cullen (D)

-- Dale Schultz (R)

-- Mike Ellis (R)