Lousy Trouts: The Band That Picked A Great Name

Aug 2, 2014

(l-r) Alex Heaton, Jordan Maye and Jack Tell
Credit Rachel Owens

       When a birthday party turned into an impromptu recording session, Jack Tell and Jordan Maye decided to start playing banjo and mandolin together. Soon Alex Heaton joined up, and before they knew it, they were a band.

Jordan Maye says that as a joke,  they tried to think up pretty much the worst band name possible: Lousy Trouts. Founded in a spirit of fun and experimentation, the name seemed to fit, so it stuck.

The Milwaukee-based bluegrass outfit just released their official debut album, titled The Guy Who Gave Everything Away But Sold His Boat.  They recently swung by the WUWM studio to speak with Rachel Owens, and to play a few songs off their new album.

Featured songs:

  • That New Song
  • The Bongo Song
  • The Cave