Maria Callas: Compelling On and Off the Stage Yesterday and Today

Aug 18, 2014

Maria Callas, soprano, was recently the focus of Milwaukee Chamber Theater's "Master Class."
Credit Peter Proadisch, wikicommons


Maria Callas may have died in 1977, but she remains a compelling figure in opera and the wider world even today.  Callas was known for her musical and acting skills that span styles, and her complete dedication to her art.

"You feel so much when she sings a simple phase," says Patrick Byrne. "She infuses each word of the text with passion or appropriate emotion."

Byrne, an international expert on Callas, was in Milwaukee last week to give a pre-show talk at a performance of the Milwaukee Chamber Theater’s Master Class, a play about Callas’s time, late in life, as she taught at Julliard. He co-authored a biography called The Colors of Callas: Reflections of an Icon, and is a Belgian Opera Guide critic.