Marquette Poll: Walker and Burke Remain Neck and Neck

Jul 23, 2014

The likely November match-up remains tight

The school's latest poll shows Gov. Walker leading Democrat Mary Burke among registered voters, while Burke has the edge among likely voters.

According to the Marquette Law School survey, Republican Walker bests Burke 46%-45% among registered voters polled between July 17-20. Among those who say they are likely to vote in November, Burke leads Walker 47%-46%.

In the last poll, in May, Walker and Burke tied at 46% among registered voters, while the governor had a 48%-45% advantage among likely voters.

All those results fell within the poll's margin of error.

Among the July poll's other findings:

-- 49% say they don't know enough about Burke to form an opinion about her (In May, the rate was 51%)

-- Men favor Walker, 51%-41% (Not much change from May)

-- Women favor Burke, 48%-41% (Not much change from May)

-- Independents favor Walker, 45%-44% (In May, Walker led 49%-40%)

-- Republicans favor Walker 93%-3%

-- Democrats favor Burke, 88%-9%

-- Married voters favor Walker, 54%-38%

-- Never married favor Burke 53%-34%

-- Young voters favor Burke, 48%-35%

-- Voters age 45-59 prefer Walker, 51%-42%

-- Other age demographics are split

-- Regarding the John Doe probe examining campaign finance practices during the 2012 recalls, 54% of voters familiar with the secret, halted investigation says it is "just more politics", versus 42% who feel it's "really something serious."