Milwaukee's Newest Concert Venue Is One of Its Oldest Places

May 29, 2013

If you’ve ever taken the tour at the Miller Brewery, you’ve probably encountered the Miller Caves.  A veritable underground bunker, carved into the hill above State Street in the Miller Valley.

The space is more than a century old, but it will soon be put to a use it’s never held in those hundred plus years – that of a concert venue.  The Pabst Theater Organization is pairing with MillerCoors to host the first-ever concert at the Miller Caves in June.  The two shows on June 16th will feature actor and musician John C. Reilly.

We traveled out to the Caves to get the full story from the Pabst’s Andy Nelson and Kindra Loferski of MillerCoors.

The Miller Caves will host two concerts by actor and musician John C. Reilly on June 16th
Credit Jordan Fischer, via Flickr

"We are taking this huge risk," Nelson says, "this idea of bringing a world-famous actor and phenomenal musician to this cave we have in Milwaukee.  But we think that’s great – that’s taking a risk and that’s doing something that’s exciting."

The concerts will accommodate about 100 audience members each.  The shows are already generating plenty of buzz - they're sold out, well in advance.