Night Life in Milwaukee: Murphy Explores Milwaukee in the Middle of the Night

Jun 7, 2013

New York City is known as “The City that Never Sleeps.” Could Milwaukee be one in the same?

Milwaukee's Old World Third Street at night.
Credit computerjeramy, flickr

Dan Murphy, the Brew City Writer for Milwaukee Mag, conducted an experiment: is there something going on in the city at any given moment of the day? The answer is yes.

“We wanted to provide a snapshot from all hours of day and all parts of town,” says Murphy, “And places that maybe people don’t go to all the time or glimpses of things people don’t see if they’re not looking.”

According to Murphy, the history of this city was made of third-shift workers and he found that this city still relies heavily on those workers. However, the majority of this project is focused on food and drink.

Murphy wanted to go to places that are all over, places he had been to before, and places he was not as familiar with.

He began his day watching the sunrise in Veteran’s Park. Something that early morning runners and commuters get to treasure each day. Other places he visited include: Taco Loco, Burnham Park, Potowatomi, Romans' Pub, and Forest Home Cemetery.

“I just find [Forest Home Cemetery] fascinating. The people that are there are the Who’s Who in the history of Milwaukee. And it’s gorgeous. It’s kind of this weird oasis in the middle of the near south side of the Milwaukee.  It’s quiet and the trees are big. And it’s old, a lot of history there.”

Murphy admits that he was not able to do this entire project in a 24-hour period, but had to break it up into two chunks.

So if you are feeling adventurous some night, go out and see what you can find in Milwaukee all hours of the night!