Nineteen Thirteen Creates a Modern Symphony with Looping Technology

Jul 10, 2015

Victor DeLorenzo is well known throughout Milwaukee as the drummer and one of the founding members of the Violent Femmes, but he is exploring other kinds of music now.

DeLorenzo and Milwaukee cellist and composer Janet Schiff are part of a band called Nineteen Thirteen. There is a third member, another drummer called Nez, but the duo – cello and percussion – forms the nucleus of the band.

Janet Schiff (cello), Victor DeLorenzo (percussion), and Nez (percussion) of the band Nineteen Thirteen
Credit Doug Seymour / Nineteen Thirteen

Janet Schiff uses modern looping technology with her cello to create mutli-layered electronic symphony framed by percussion.

Nineteen Thirteen plays Sunday at 5 p.m. on the Cathedral Square Stage for Bastille Days, but first came to the Lake Effect studio to discuss the creation of their band and the unique music that is rarely composed on paper:

The original recording of Janet Schiff’s grandmother playing Summertime: