Parting Thoughts From a Natural Resources Advocate

Apr 25, 2013

Unless you’ve “rubbed shoulders with it” – the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board may mean nothing to you.

Yet the roots of the seven-member panel created to serve as a bridge between natural resources policy and the good of the people – date back to 1867.

Outgoing chair David Clausen at a recent meeting of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board.
Credit Susan Bence

For the last seven years David Clausen served on the board - the last year and a half, as its chair. But this week marked the end of Clausen’s term.

Before leaving office, he sat down with WUWM Environmental Reporter Susan Bence recently to reflect on his tenure and the environment for... the environment.

Clausen also explained how he – a veterinarian, avid hunter and conservationist from the far northwestern reaches of the state - came onto the board.