Sagging Green Bay Bridge to be Repaired by Mid-January

Oct 22, 2013

State transportation officials outlined plans Tuesday to fix the Leo Frigo Bridge.

The Leo Frigo bridge typically carries 40,000 vehicles a day. It’s been closed nearly a month

They held a news conference, announcing that the bid for the repair work would be released by the end of the day. It will stipulate that the work must be complete by Jan. 17.

The Department of Transportation says if the repairs proceed as planned, the bridge will reopen for traffic some time in January.

The bridge typically carries 40,000 vehicles each day. It’s been closed since September 25, after a support pier sank two feet.

State engineers say the pier sank because of corrosion to the pier’s pilings, “due to the unique soil conditions surrounding them.” The DOT says the same conditions were found at other piers, and they’re all scheduled for repairs.