Sara and Kenny: Italy Meets Wisconsin, and Makes Beautiful Music

Feb 3, 2016

Sara d’Ippolito and Kenny Reichert perform around Milwaukee as the duo Sara and Kenny.  They’re regulars in some irregular places for live music – places like Sendiks’ in Shorewood, Groppi’s on Brady Street and the small east side bar and restaurant called Allium.

Sara grew up in southern Italy, but she has Wisconsin roots and teaches classical guitar at Latino on the near southside. Kenny is a native of Brookfield and studied jazz at the Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts.  The musical duo stopped by Lake Effect recently, and offered up a few songs and the story behind their musical connection.

"We realized we had a lot of similar music interests, she had all this great music that she had written that wasn't really being played," Kenny says. 

The duo says they have plans to take their sound on the road, but for now Milwaukee is a great launching pad.

Here are a few songs performed live in Lake Effect's Performance Studio: