Walker's Planned Memoir Indicates an Interest in Being President

Mar 27, 2013

Governor Walker obviously wants to run for President, according to UWM History Professor Glen Jeansonne. He’s been watching the governor travel the country, raising money and speaking to conservative audiences. Now that Walker will publish a book detailing his political experiences and ideology, there’s no question in the professor’s mind - the career politician wants the country to know about him.

Is Walker's book his next step toward running for President?
Credit Eric Thayer/Getty Images

"Walker has some publicity nationally because he won the recall election, but other than that, he's not really all that well known nationally, but he is quickly becoming well known and he is making himself well-known...Walker is a very savvy, ambitious politician, so I think he definitely is thinking of running for the White House," Jeansonne said.

Jeansonne says other politicians wrote books to propel themselves into the national sphere, including President Obama and former President Reagan.

The professor says Walker would be wise to mention his foreign policy beliefs, "because right now, he has very slim credentials on foreign policy and I think that's going to play a big role for the next president and in the next presidential campaign."

Jeansonne says people likely to read a book about Walker, are those inclined to vote Republican. So the professor anticipates that at least initially, the book would be more influential heading into a Primary campaign than toward a General Election.

Walker's planned memoir will reportedly be titled, “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge.”