Wisconsin Historical Society Sets Up Shop At Milwaukee's Central Library

Jan 19, 2015

Wisconsin Historical Society exhibit at Milwaukee's Central Library.
Credit Wisconsin Historical Society

Since the beginning of January, the Wisconsin Historical Society has taken our state history on the road, taking up residence at the Milwaukee Central Library through the end of the month.

This week, the Society hosts a full slate of special programs on a variety of Wisconsin history – everything from genealogy workshops to culinary presentations to lighthouse history. And all of the events are free to the public.  Jim Draeger, Director of Outreach for the Wisconsin Historical Society, gives Lake Effect's Bonnie North a preview of the tour.

"Our intent was to be able to take the riches of our collections and the expertise that we have and bring it out to communities outside of Madison...we wanted to allow people to learn more about the Wisconsin Historical Society and allow us to get out in the communities and meet more people," Draeger says.