Wisconsin's Cold and Snow Nothing New, People Have Been Adapting for Centuries

Jan 3, 2014

This winter seems especially harsh to those of us who don’t like frigid temperatures

The cold, snowy weather this winter may cause some of us to ask ourselves why we’ve decided to live in this climate.

People have been adapting to Wisconsin's winters for ages.

The Milwaukee Public Museum features items, such as a shovel and games, that show how Woodland Indians made it through the winter
Credit Milwaukee Public Museum

The Milwaukee Public Museum currently has an exhibit showing how Woodland Indians of the area coped with the snow and cold, a few hundred years ago.

Dawn Scher Thomae, associate curator of anthropology at the museum, says life in winter was difficult, but not impossible – and it was busy.

But, is this winter's run of cold and snowy weather more extreme than past winters?

National Weather Service meteorologist Ed Townsend says that this winter's weather is actually pretty normal.