A Year in MPS, through the Eyes of a New Teacher

Sep 3, 2013

Classes start Tuesday for most Milwaukee Public Schools and hundreds of new teachers. We'll follow a newcomer, starting with his preparations.

They’re succeeding the veteran staffers who retired in June, when Act 10 wiped out their contract.

Daniel Timothy Graves is a new teacher at Fratney, a school in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood
Credit Ann-Elise Henzl

We wanted to learn what it’s like to be a new teacher in the large urban district. So we visited Daniel Timothy Graves in his new classroom at Fratney, a bilingual Spanish and English school.

Graves has degrees in secondary education and forestry, and comes from the Urban Ecology Center. There, he ran nature programs for children, but says he felt the pull of the classroom.

We’ll check in with Graves throughout the year, to learn how his first year is going.