Act 10

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Unions in Wisconsin are bracing for another battle.

Andy Stenz

The president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees says it “has a score to settle” with Gov. Scott Walker.

Barack Obama will be back in Milwaukee on Monday.

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Wisconsin’s primary elections are next Tuesday.  But it will be the general election in November that many believe will effectively be a referendum, another one, on the course Scott Walker has set as governor of Wisconsin.

Gov. Scott Walker
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The Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld two divisive state laws on Thursday.

A federal appeals court has upheld Gov. Scott Walker's bill that strips public unions of collective bargaining rights.

Two unions representing city of Madison and Dane County workers filed a lawsuit in 2011, alleging the law violated their right to free assembly and equal protection.

U.S. District Judge William Conley found the restrictions constitutional last year. 

Andy Stenz

Tuesday marks the third anniversary of Gov. Walker signing Act 10 into law, restricting public unions.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court listened to arguments Monday over whether Act 10 is unconstitutional.

The state Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday in yet another challenge to Act 10.  The law dismantled most collective bargaining rights for most public workers, more than two years ago.

A Wisconsin state agency will learn Monday whether it's acting in contempt of court -- because it's enforcing Act 10.