Deaf-Blind Milwaukee Woman Pens Inspiring Life Story

Aug 2, 2013

The Director Emeritus of the Center for Deaf-Blind Persons says disabled people have the ability to live independent lives.

Jen Lancaster

An author spends a year living following the philosophy of Martha Stewart.

Dan Rosen

The news continues to sink in that Ryan Braun will sit out the rest of this season after being suspended by Major League Baseball for involvement with performance-enhancing drugs.

chenmeister, flickr

Michael Harvey’s newest novel, The Innocence Game, is based on Northwestern University's Innocence Project.

Boswell Book Company

"In the 20th century, medicine was strictly concerned with treating illnesses. The medicine of the 21st century is about wellness."

Book Highlights Sherman Park's Push for Diversity

Jul 17, 2013
The History Press

Milwaukee is one of, if not, the most segregated city in the country - according to varying accounts. A report released last month by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation says the city is the most segregated among 15 similar areas.  But the study also notes that Milwaukee is 6th out of those regions for diversity.


A new book takes readers on an obscene journey exploring foul language through the ages.

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There are nonprofit organizations in many sectors of life – from education, to arts, to media.  But what nonprofits have in common is how they’re governed – through a board of directors.

A Madison writer helps a remarkable Milwaukee woman tell her story of a lifetime’s search for justice.

Wes Moore

Since the time you were very young, you've probably been told it:  our choices matter.