Arts & Culture
12:19 pm
Tue June 25, 2013

"This Most Amazing" Weaves Together Milwaukee, Italian Intrigue

Author Jenny Benjamin

Milwaukee writer Jenny Benjamin’s new novel spans hundreds of years and thousands of miles. 

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Arts & Culture
6:08 pm
Tue June 18, 2013

More Than Deja Vu: Book's Heroine Relives Her Life Over and Over

Author Kate Atkinson explores fate and our choices in her newest novel.

What if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right?

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Health & Science
6:17 pm
Mon June 17, 2013

Book Offers Lessons for Life from the Dying

A new book tells the stories of hospice patients.
Credit Cheri Milton

Last year, Lake Effect broadcast a series of conversations about death and dying in the modern world. It turns out, for most of us in the United States – where death often happens away from home – we tend to shy away from talking about the inevitable.

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Arts & Culture
12:54 pm
Mon June 10, 2013

A Love Triangle in a Three-Ringed Circus: Jensen Reveals the Troubled Circus Entertainers

Lillian Leitzel, the diva entertainer with a tragic ending.
Credit Read It Forward

Saved papers, posters, and pictures found in one family’s basement became another man’s treasures.

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Arts & Culture
10:42 am
Fri June 7, 2013

Screw Everyone: NPR Host Shares Her Crazy (But Real) Dating Stories

Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way to Monogamy is filled with entertaining, funny, but real dating stories.
Credit Goodreads

Have you ever dated anyone who has 300 stuffed Garfields? NPR’s Ophira Eisenberg did and she decided to write about it.

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Arts & Culture
12:19 pm
Wed June 5, 2013

3 Ways to Make Cycling as Easy as, Well, Riding a Bike

A decked out bicyclist takes to some urban trails.
Credit Jason Pier/Flickr

Before you go out and buy a ton of  gear for your summer bicycling adventures, former bike racer Grant Peterson has some advice - chill out. 

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Health & Science
5:20 pm
Tue June 4, 2013

Woman's Cells Live On - As Do Questions About Informed Consent

Author Rebecca Skloot's book explores why informed consent remains a murky issue.
Credit Crown Publishing

How can we ensure that researchers aren't using our biological material without our consent?

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Arts & Culture
11:21 am
Fri May 31, 2013

Angels v. Angel-Human Hybrids: Trussoni's Angelopolis

Angelology, Trussoni's newest book.
Credit blogspot

For those who are intrigued by Dan Brown’sAngels and Demons and Elizabeth Kostova’s The HistorianDanielle Trussoni’s trilogy,Angelology, might be a great addition to the summer reading list.

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Health & Science
12:49 pm
Thu May 30, 2013

A Botanist Walked into a Bar: Stewart Reveals What is Really in Alcoholic Beverages

Most alcoholic beverages are made from distilled plants.
Credit zagatbuzz, flickr

The next time a bartender asks you what you’re having, you could say you’re in the mood for that heady combination of juniper, grains of paradise, wormwood, and olive.

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Politics & Government
2:29 pm
Tue May 28, 2013

Before Boston, Another Manhunt Captivated the Nation

Jason McVean and Alan Pilon were suspects in the shooting death of a Colorado police officer in 1998.
Credit Public Domain

In last month’s manhunt for the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, many analysts – including some on NPR – termed it unprecedented in recent history. Certainly, the search, which effectively shut down much of the Boston area on Friday, was massive in scale.

But writer Dan Schultz says unprecedented is the wrong word.

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