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Finding Unity in the Milwaukee Flag Redesign

May 13, 2016
The People's Flag of Milwaukee

Some time ago, Lake Effect brought you the story of Steve Kodis, the Wisconsin man who believed Milwaukee deserved a better official flag. Since his initial call for change, Kodis has spearheaded an effort to gather prospective flag designs

Yul, Fotolia

One part of Milwaukee that hasn't changed over the years is its flag, which some say is a problem. Graphic designer Steve Kodis is leading the charge to update the flag.

The Milwaukee flag doesn’t make too many appearances, to be honest. And when it does, you might be struck by how much stuff is on it – from the head of a Native American chief to a ship’s hull to a picture of another flag to a factory to something that looks oddly like a flying saucer.

Milwaukee Kohl's Designer Creates NPR's New Shirt

Oct 28, 2013
Jessica Roush

Public radio listeners often wear their affection for the medium on their sleeves.  Now, they literally can.