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UPDATE: Gov. Walker has asked Wisconsin's AG to review the President's plan and to challenge it, if it appears to contain illegalities.

President Obama has found it impossible to get lawmakers to agree to tighter gun laws, so on Tuesday, with only about a year left in his final term, he announced he would sidestep Congress. Mr. Obama issued an executive order, making it more difficult for some people to purchase firearms.

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The word "doomed" has become a common adjective to describe gun-control efforts. Mass shootings like those at Sandy Hook or Fort Hood looked like they might provide the political fuel to tighten laws, but gun-control advocates have found their efforts perpetually frustrated.

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Gov. Walker came to Milwaukee on Wednesday to loosen Wisconsin’s gun laws. One bill he signed eliminates the state’s 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases. The other allows retired police officers to carry guns on public school property.

Walker selected the Milwaukee Sheriff’s office for his signing ceremony. He defended the timing of the event, happening just a week after mass shootings in South Carolina. He says the wheels were put in motion weeks ago, before a gunman shot and killed nine worshippers at a church in Charleston.

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Wisconsin is one step closer to eliminating its 48-hour waiting period to get a handgun.

Senate Republicans approved the bill on Tuesday, not buying Democrats’ warning that the change could lead to more violence. Deadly shootings have skyrocketed in Milwaukee in recent weeks.

Wisconsin’s 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases has been in place for four decades.

But Republican Sen. Van Wanggaard says the requirement is outdated because the state can now conduct background checks in a matter of hours.

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Another debate over guns has surfaced at the State Capitol.

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For 40 years, Wisconsin has required a waiting period - it's been 48-hours, so the state can run a background check.

Milwaukee is not alone when it comes to gun violence.

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Monday was the first anniversary of the deadly shooting at the Azana Salon and Spa in Brookfield.

Some used the occasion to send a message: it’s time for stronger gun control.

Three women were killed in the shooting: Zina Haughton and two of her coworkers. The shooter was Haughton’s estranged husband, who took his own life.

Zina Haughton’s brother, Elvin Daniel, says the deadly incident shows the need for background checks, including for guns sold online and at gun shows.

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Sunday’s mass shooting at a Brookfield salon has prompted some Wisconsin legislators to call for stricter gun laws. Police say Radcliffe Haughton shot and killed his estranged wife Zina Haughton and two of her co-workers at the Azana Salon, then turned the gun on himself. As WUWM’s Marti Mikkelson reports, a national study released today supports several proposals suggested here.