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The Obama Administration is taking heat for early glitches in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, largely as a result of problems with the website,

A new primary care health clinic is opening today at Milwaukee’s Northside YMCA.

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Americans today begin selecting health exchanges as key parts of the health care reform legislation go into effect. 

People across the country in need of health insurance have new options starting Tuesday. In Milwaukee, there is a new health insurance player.

Taking the Pulse of Heart Failure

Sep 4, 2013
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As heart disease remains leading cause of death for men and women across the country, increasingly more people are suffering from heart failure.

Research Points to Bias Against the Obese

Jul 24, 2013
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"Obesity bias" is a growing issue that comes from an unlikely source - the people trying to help the obese lose weight.

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A new report shows 71.5% of Wisconsin children on Medicaid did not see a dentist in 2011.

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A national report out this week shows Wisconsin near the bottom of the list for access that poor children have to dental care.

Getting More Men to the Doctor: What's in the Way

Jun 21, 2013
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Men, by and large, are not as vigilant about getting their health concerns checked as women.

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How can we ensure that researchers aren't using our biological material without our consent?