Holiday Shopping

Rachel Morello


For some families, Thanksgiving means turkey or football. For others, the holiday wouldn’t be complete without Black Friday shopping.

Amelia Frankum falls into the latter camp. The Whitefish Bay resident makes a pilgrimage to the stores every year -- but it’s not a solo mission.

“My daughter and I have been Black Friday shopping together since she was about 4 years old, and she is 18 this year,” Frankum says. “It’s kind of our thing! Nobody else can come, just she and I every year.”

LaToya Dennis

Its Black Friday - the official start of the holiday shopping season. In recent years, there’s been talk that the growing number of online sales would signal the death of traditional suburban American malls. The prediction hasn’t really panned out. Experts say that while shopping malls have had to adapt, they’re now seeing some of their best numbers since the late 1980s.

Marco Scisetti -

Today is Cyber Monday – the day online holiday shopping is in full swing.

LaToya Dennis

The biggest shopping day of the year means hiring extra workers, not to mention moving tons of merchandise.

Wagner Companies

Festivus may have started out as a joke on "Seinfeld," which is based famously in New York. But it’s become very much a Milwaukee celebration.

Ann-Elise Henzl

Like their big box competitors, many Milwaukee artists and artisans rely on the holiday shopping season for a big revenue boost – some for as much as a 40 percent of their annual sales.

LaToya Dennis

The biggest shopping surge of the year is approaching. Customers line up outside big box stores such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart for the deals they offer on Black Friday – or perhaps this year, on Black Thanksgiving evening.