John Doe investigation

Essay: John Doe

Sep 10, 2014
Gateway Technical College, Flickr

Lawyers arguing on both sides of the John Doe investigation were in Chicago Tuesday as prosecutors sought to restart the investigation, which was brought to a halt in May.  

The latest batch of documents seized during an investigation into aides of Gov. Scott Walker when he was Milwaukee County executive has been released.

County Executive Chris Abele on Friday released a small portion of data taken during the now-closed John Doe probe.

A document titled "War Room" spells out Walker's agenda, issues and key contacts.  The file plots out issues he wanted to highlight, groups he wanted to target and places he wanted to visit.

Under "issues," Walker noted the need to lobby state lawmakers on park matters.

It is not clear if, or when, a federal appeals court will announce another decision in an ongoing John Doe investigation.

A federal judge in Milwaukee says a lawsuit seeking to stop a secret investigation into possible illegal coordination between conservative groups and recent recall campaigns may continue.

The conservative organization Club for Growth filed suit in February, arguing the probe amounts to harassment and violates free speech rights.

The prosecutors leading the investigation asked U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa to dismiss the suit, arguing federal courts should stay out of the case.

News outlets have scanned thousands of emails and documents that a John Doe investigation uncovered and the court released on Wednesday. Here is some of what has been reported so far:

Buzzfeed called attention to two racist emails. One was sent by Thomas Nardelli, Gov. Walker’s chief of staff when he was Milwaukee County Executive and the other by Kelly Rindfleisch, Walker’s then-deputy chief of staff.

Two attorneys have filed motions seeking to stay a secret investigation that's going on in five counties. 

The filings name Eau Claire County Reserve Judge Gregory Peterson and Francis Schmitz as respondents. 

Judge Peterson is reportedly overseeing an investigation focused on Gov. Scott Walker's recall campaign and conservative groups.  Schmitz is working on the probe as a special prosecutor.

A secretive John Doe investigation has reportedly been opened into a variety of allegations involving state government.